How it Started

The HighView was invented by Sofia, a young Guatemalan who was tired of uncomfortable iPad experiences when traveling. She created the HighView to hang her iPad, solve a problem, and give back to her home country.

That’s why every HighView gives 1 month of clean water to a classroom of Guatemalan school children in need.

Why Clean Water?

In Guatemala, 90% of water resources are contaminated and many children don’t go to school because of diseases contracted from unsafe drinking water. These diseases impact children’s ability to finish their full course of schooling. We want to help keep Guatemalan children healthy, for them to finish their schooling! With your help, Ecofiltro water filters will be provided to schools for children to drink safe, clean, and filtered water.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating a product that makes our customers’ lives easier, and also makes the world a better place. Let us make your iPad experience better when traveling, and together we can help keep schoolchildren healthy!

Our Partner

Learn more about our partner, Ecofiltro, and how its amazing water filter is making an impact in the world!