What is the HighView and how does it work?

The HighView lets you hang your iPad when traveling. It can be used on most airplane and car seats, suitcase handles, tray tables, and more.

The HighView is flexible and lightweight, so you can roll it up for easy storage when you’re on the go.

Hang your iPad three different ways with the HighView's easy-to-use adjustable strap and loops:




Who can use the HighView?

The HighView is perfect for frequent travelers or anyone taking a trip! However, the HighView can also be used by anyone, anywhere, to hang their iPad. Other popular places to use the HighView are on strollers, gym machines, and kitchen cabinets.

How does the HighView give back?

Through our partner Ecofiltro, every HighView gives 1 month of clean water to a classroom of Guatemalan children in need.


"The HighView changed my iPad viewing experience completely- especially when traveling. Holding the iPad had always been somewhat awkward, but now I get to enjoy it comfortably and I do so while helping kids in Guatemala." -Federico

"The HighView makes my flights more comfortable and lets me relax at the airport gate. I'm able to hang the iPad from my carry-on suitcase and get lost in my movie while I wait." -Cris

"I love my HighView! I use it to hang the iPad in the kitchen to view my recipes at a higher level. I no longer have to strain my neck when looking down to read them!" - Catherine

"Traveling with a 2 year old can be a challenge, but the HighView helps make it easier! Hanging it from our stroller lets my daughter watch her educational movies comfortably, and the iPad stays away from sticky fingers!" -Cecilia